After The Fair

E-mail and follow-up strategies have become critical. If it is important to plan a communication strategy and keep in touch with the customers you know after an exhibition, it is even more necessary to study and use winning rules to continue dialogue with potential customers after online meetings or browsing online showrooms.

The management of contacts is the basis of the entire follow-up process. This work starts before or during the exhibition (whether it is an online or real exhibition): you can choose to use software, a systematic business card information program or a custom excel file to manage potential contacts.

There are many ways to optimize the information obtained during webinars or exhibitions or even visits, such as inbound marketing, visual interaction on social media, promotional marketing, etc. But their common purpose is to strive to achieve the goals set before the event.

Especially for those events related to Asia and China, we recommend planning as soon as possible. But it must not be at the expense of communication quality and security. Before providing private information such as price lists, purchase conditions, and technical specifications of products or services, the security of its transfer must be ensured.

Maintaining contacts in the area of IT security and a wide-ranging vision of the product sector are the cornerstones of our strategies developed for each customer.

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