Business Talks as a Connecting Bridge

This week, after the first semester of our posts, we would like to explain and share with you how this interview series started in the first place.

Managing businesses and being a bridge between two cultures has always been our core mission. 求同存异 (Qiu Tong Cun Yi) is the Chinese expression for: hold on to the similarities, leave the differences aside. In the same way as a bridge does, at Sinosee we help to connect businesses to build strong partnerships.

Since COVID-19 happened, each company has faced its tough times. However, there has been more time to think deeper about what we are doing and where we are going. As a result, our team took this opportunity and decided to build a resilient network of experiences.

Sinosee's main strength is to be present on-site in China, being the "eyes and ears on the ground" for Italian companies, connecting them to the Chinese business environment.

To constantly hear feedback and adapt to the changing environment is one of our main core strengths. For this reason, we decided to share some of the precious insights with our public.

Not only first-hand stories, but we also talked with the major institutions that are supporting SMEs in China, together with media and information sources.

On account of this, we collected voices from people on the ground in China doing business or supporting them. Since we believe that the exceptional richness comes from the mix and co-existence of different ideas, we brought together experiences with a disparateness of backgrounds, time spent in China, and sectors.

We got to know remarkable points of view that improved our knowledge about how a business is built and grows in the changing environment of Chinese ground.

We are always open to new and exceptional impressions, so if you are a company, an organization, or an entrepreneur involved in business between Italy & China, and vice-versa, contact us at to tell your story; we'd love to hear about your experience too.