Getting Ready For China Exhibition Success In 2021

Why are we still talking about the importance of exhibitions and trade shows in 2021?

Participating in business exhibitions in China has never been more fundamental than in this (almost) post-Covid era.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many real-life events all over the world have been postponed or canceled. Therefore, a growing number of companies started to rely on online advertisement and social media marketing.

Lesson learned: we all now acknowledge how precious is face-to-face interaction and meeting clients, suppliers, and business partners.

Since October 2020, China is one of the few places where fairs have kicked off again. With international travels not yet back to normal, we believe that having a presence at these events is crucial. Not only as scouting for new clients' purpose, a booth in the fair today means keeping the brand alive on the market, holding a consistent presence in this special time.

A specific “eye on the ground” can also get you insights into your IP protection and use situation, other than knowing the steps of your competitors. Being present in person at the fair also means a lot for your online marketing strategy: you will get more materials to post, new potential clients and brand followers to involve in your social media company's day-to-day life, proving it is still healthy and alive.

If you dedicate budget to fairs and exhibitions for this year, then you should make sure that you get the most out of your experience.

Here is our TO-DO-LIST of things you cannot miss to get ready for exhibitions in China in 2021:

  • Conduct specific market research of your sector of interest and industry in China, including competitors, main players, and trends to identify the right exhibition for your company. A strong pre-show marketing strategy will have a significant impact on the ROI of your show.

  • Set your budget: getting the ideal spot for your booth is the first step. Entrust with a reliable and reputed team of designers that ensure your booth will send the right message about your brand identity. Last but not least, having well-trained staff on-site will make the difference.

  • Prepare a company profile positioning tailor-made for your Chinese target. Translation of your company profile sometimes is not enough: adaptation of your brand language and image with a copy that is relevant for the local audience is often a plus.

  • Include social media as an auxiliary tool for your participation. Promoting it and being consistent with pre-show marketing and the after-event campaign will enhance the effectiveness of your experience. Send the invitation with a preview of your booth rendering, engage your visitors with a spot for online streaming in your booth, add the right tags to the post of the day to maximize exposure.

  • During and after the event, create a lead follow-up plan: gather contacts together, invite them to follow your official Wechat account, send them a follow-up message or email to showcase your interest and appreciation.

Most importantly, as many of the experts featured in our interviews said repeatedly, remember to act fast. China is not only growing, but also living at a high-speed pace that can be overwhelming if not properly followed up.

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