Museum Exhibition: an Experience of Cultural Bridge

After giving voices to men, with this week we start to interview also some women involved in crucial roles in different business across Italy and China.

Both Countries have a very long and rich cultural and artistical history and the cooperations in this field prosper and are boosted by the two governments. Representative companies in the cultural industry of the two countries are the bridges for cultural communication. Today we listen to the voice of one of the leaders of Chinese cultural enterprises: Mrs. Chen, the Executive Deputy General Manager of Jiangsu Dameitiandi Culture Industry Co. Ltd.


Jiangsu Dameitiandi Culture Industry Co.,Ltd was established in 2008. It is a complete industry group focusing on the field of cultural industry, integrating planning, design, exhibition, display, decoration, curtain wall, ancient building repair and reinforcement, and cultural relic protection. We also bring together cultural and historical venues planning, design and construction, cultural tourism scenic area operation, cultural heritage protection and other related business types. Meimei Company is a subsidiary of our group. It integrates cultural and creative development, Sino-foreign exchanges, fixed or themed exhibitions. It’s also the group’s display window, providing a full range of supporting services for cultural projects.

Our company started in 2018 to cooperate with Italy bringing new exhibitions and Italian history themed shows to Chinese museums. We are also actively communicating with our counterparts there hoping to bring exhibitions with Chinese characteristics to Italy. Our main scope is to broaden the knowledge of both Countries and bring a platform for mutual cultural exchange and understand of each other through historical, artistical and folkloristic exhibitions.


Generally speaking, we met only small communication barriers because the goals of our cooperation are the same, so we have a clear sense of the direction of the projects. Anyway, when cooperating with foreigner counterparts there can be some small misunderstanding sometimes. If there is a disagreement, we will communicate patiently by thoroughly explaining things that the other party does not understand. In these situations the help of a third party is fundamental to smooth the conflicts.


Our final aim and mission is Sino-foreign cultural exchange, so I think there is a big advantage in cooperating between the excellences of both Countries. The Italian company we cooperate with has more than 20 years of experience in curatorial exhibitions, so it is very professional in the process of thematic cultural relic exhibition in Europe and the Western world. Our company mainly focuses on museums and related exhibition industries in China since many years and have a deep knowledge of the local market. When the cross-border cooperation involves a model of complementarity, like in our case, the road to success is open.

Although many offline exhibitions have been suspended in 2020, our discussions and exchanges on follow-up cooperation have not been interrupted.

Advices for third parties in the field

The help of a third party during the cooperation is undoubtedly necessary. Most of the times, though, it would be more helpful to have a full picture of the business practices, communication behaviors and cultural traditions of the foreign counterpart also in the time prior to the actual partnership.

Knowing the cultural barriers and areas that can be improved in various aspects of the dialogue before the cooperation starts will definitely help in avoiding misunderstanding on the way, thus saving a lot of time.

Business Fairs and exhibition: what is your insight?

The exhibitions we participate in are mainly the biennial Museums and Relevant Products and Technologies Exposition and related cultural exhibitions (MPT-EXPO), and there are not large numbers of overseas exhibitors. We hope that in the future more Italian and foreign exhibition-related industries can join this event. Only with a deep and thorough exchange of ideas and experiences we can build a better platform for cultural exchange worldwide.

Marketing communication for the projects: what is your experience?

In our field the promotion and marketing are the result of a bigger process. There is a lot of preliminary work to do that involves both cultures in mutual understanding and reciprocal support. Internal and external communication is crucial for this sector, and with the help of a third party that functions as a bridge we can work to reach the common aim to build new exhibitions and cross-cultural projects.

Virtual Business Tours to Italy

Regarding our Virtual Business Tours to Italy: would you be interested in participating?

Our company is currently mainly responsible for the cultural industry. In the future, if the group has trade-related projects in the future, we will be very interested in participating.

Thanks a lot for the time to Mrs. Chen and the Damei team and our trainee Angelica Wang.

Stay tuned for the next interview!