What To Know About ITMA Asia + CITME Exhibition

Fairs and exhibitions are key elements to get to know a new market.

Being on the ground, meeting potential clients, and reconnecting with the existing ones, is vital for every business.

As the last two years have proofed, we are "social animals", and businesses are craving to be out there in the world.

The only place where SMEs can see themselves and their brand get visibility at the moment is China, adjusting to a "New Normal" and participating in fairs and exhibitions.

Which are the main exhibitions held in Mainland China?

It sounds overwhelming, however, there are ways to easily navigate the extensive sea of Chinese Fairs & Exhibitions. For a complete and detailed database, refer to the EuSme Center website.

How can you and your team choose the right fair for your sector getting the best experience from it?

Well, the first step is to determine which exhibition is more suitable for your company or your goal. With our market researches and feasibility studies, SinoSEE can follow you in the process of sourcing and getting to know better the opportunities of the different events held in China to find the one that truly is a must and is worth investing in.

The fair we want to highlight today is one of the main textile machinery fairs that are confirmed and will be held in Shanghai in June.

Since 2008, a combined show known as "ITMA ASIA + CITME" has been held in China, scheduled to take place every two years. Taking off in Shanghai, the milestone event features the unique strengths of the ITMA brand and China's most important textile event -CITME. This move to combine the two shows into one mega high-quality event is strongly supported by all nine CEMATEX European textile machinery associations, CTMA (China Textile Machinery Association), and JTMA (Japan Textile Machinery Association). The seventh edition of the combined show will be held from 12 to 16 June 2021 at the new National Exhibition and Convention Centre (NECC) in Shanghai.

Want to participate, but you don't know from where to start with your booth?

Your image is very important: choosing the right partner to design your booth and enhance your brand visibility is crucial. For nearly 50 years, SinoSEE's technical partner Interexpo has been assisting companies with unique exhibition experiences at the fair and beyond. It designs and builds stands for events and conferences and develops concepts, graphics, and tailor-made communications for the promotion of the brand.

As the main referent, the Italian designer teams will take care of your needs and preferences, shaping a 360°experience to help you and your brand to become "the" highlight of the whole fair. "Leave it to us": the special and distinctive features of your company will be recognized at tradeshows, showrooms, during daily interactions, and when surfing the web.

What am I supposed to do after the fair?

The experience of an exhibition does not finish with the last day of the fair. The biggest part of the work is yet to be started! Here you can find some hints and suggestions of how to do a complete and thorough follow-up with the contacts you collected at the fair.

How can SinoSEE help you to be represented at the Fair?

With international travel being difficult at the time, we offer different options for an on-site representative service for your brand:

  • FULL SENIOR SERVICE PACKAGE: online educational meeting with your team before the fair, manager and junior presence at your booth, booth design and construction, a follow-up report

  • JUNIOR SERVICE PACKAGE: manager presence at your booth, booth, and design construction, a follow-up report

  • BASIC SERVICE PACKAGE: junior support presence at your booth, booth design, and construction

You can discover more information on our services on our website: www.sinosee.net or contacting us at info@sinosee.net to discover a service tailor-made for your needs.

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